Our Capabilities

bfr et associes

BFR & Associés provides its Moroccan and international clients with guidance and high support at national and international level in their legal, transactional or contentious issues, whether national or cross-border.

Our entire team will be responsive and able to find a simple and pragmatic solution to any complex problem thanks to its perfect mastery of different legal, economic and social contexts and our close collaboration with the member firms of ALN.


The legal advisory team of BFR & Associés, conducted by Safia Fassi-Fihri and Romain Frédéric Rabillard engages with its clients by providing advice and information, and by defending their interests over the long term.

BFR & Associés benefits from a recognized quality of service because of its close contact with its customers and their dedicated involvement.

Our team works on the following areas:

Growth of the business and strategic transactions:

  • our teams can handle all legal aspects of any business, from its constitution and during its development, and provide the best assistance to our clients in determining the proper strategy.


  • BFR & Associés with the assistance of specialized partners, if need be, can handle all regulatory situations that a company might face: exchange regulations, antitrust, tax, IP/IT, labor law, etc.

Externalization of the legal department:

  • BFR & Associés for instance, BFR & Associés can handle the legal housekeeping of its clients, temporarily or permanently.


  • The litigation team conducted by Yasmina Baddou is proud of its high valued expertise in this field, in particular with business and labour law related litigations.

    In particular, the team is involved in matters relating to the execution of commercial contracts (breach of commercial relations, contract executions, etc.) as well as litigation in company law (disputes between shareholders or with former managers, before and after acquisitions, implementation of guarantees, liquidation proceedings, etc.)

    As the case requires, our Yasmina Baddou may act before any relevant court, be it commercial, arbitral, civil, criminal or disciplinary.

Our expertise in several areas ensures that our clients have precise and tailored solutions and advices to each problem to guide them in their strategic and operational choices.